We have 14 companies participating within the Pavilion.

Here below you find their stand numbers and links to their websites

 Stand      Company

12.731              Axon Miljöteknik AB
12.725              Baltic Safety Products AB
12.719              Båtsystem AB
12.831              Frigus
12.932              Swedish Lorry Parts
12.934              Macromould Modell & Form AB
12.830              Poly-Produkter AB
12.732              Rutgerson Marin AB
12.721              Seldén Mast AB
12.734              Scrubbis AB
12.833              Sweboat Export Association
12.735              Walterscheid Powertrain Scandinavia
12.733              Windex Development
12.930              Wireteknik

This year the Swedish Pavilion will highlight how the participating companies work in sustainability and environment related issues. This is probably the first time a national pavilion has sustainability and the environment as an overall theme at METSTRADE.

We will also present Sweboats environmental program.

• The Environment Fund – Collects and makes contributions to our members’ environmental improvement measures.

• Environment and sustainability policy – To help our members with their environment and sustainability work.

• Industry advice and training – Provides practical advice on managing boats etc. to help our members reduce their environmental impact.

• Research and science – Gather knowledge and encourage environmentally friendly design, production and reduced emissions.

• Environment Award – Annual public award to support environmentally friendly initiatives linked to boating life.

• Customer information – Advice and information to our customers to help them reduce environmental impact.